Why Choose Bamboo Tissue?

Top raw materials-100% bamboo pulp, the unbleached toilet paper raw material are made from bamboo from Sichuan Province, southwest China, select the world's best place of origin of Cizhu (102-105 degrees east longitude and 28-30 degrees north latitude). With an average altitude of more than 500 meters and 2-3-year-old high-quality mountain Cizhu as raw materials, it is far away from pollution, grows naturally, does not apply chemical fertilizers, pesticides, agrochemical residues, and does not contain carcinogens such as heavy metals, plasticizers and dioxins.
It is incredibly soft and gentle on the skin, even for those with sensitive skin. Our toilet paper is responsibly sourced from FSC certified bamboo farms, ensuring that each roll is made with the utmost care and respect for the environment, which is ideal for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet.

How Is Bamboo Turned Into Tissue?

Bamboo Forest

production process (1)

Bamboo Slices

production process (2)

High Temperature Steaming Of Bamboo Slices

production process (3)

Finished Bamboo Tissue Products

production process (7)

Pulp Board Making

production process (4)

Bamboo Pulp Board

production process (5)

Bamboo Parents Roll

production process (6)
why choose bamboo

About Bamboo Tissue Paper

China has abundant bamboo resources. There is a saying that goes: For the world’s bamboo, look to China, and for Chinese bamboo, look to Sichuan. The raw material for Yashi paper comes from Sichuan Bamboo Sea. Bamboo is easy to cultivate and grows quickly. Reasonable thinning every year not only does not damage the ecological environment, but also promotes the growth and reproduction of bamboo.

Bamboo growth does not require the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, as this can affect the growth of other natural mountain treasures such as bamboo fungus and bamboo shoots, and may even become extinct. Its economic value is 100-500 times that of bamboo. Bamboo farmers are unwilling to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which fundamentally solves the problem of raw material pollution.

We choose natural bamboo as the raw material, and from raw materials to production, from every step of production to every package of products produced, we are deeply imprinted with the brand of environmental protection. Yashi Paper continuously conveys the concept of environmental protection and health to consumers.